Saturday, 8 October 2011

Day Out With Lilly

Day Out With Lilly

It was a nice day so Becky decided to take Lilly for a day out starting of by going to the beach

After walking along the beach Becky decided to take Lilly to the park, the very place that brought Lilly to the world

After a while of peacefull storlling and hearing the birds sing they reached the park

Becky couldnt decide whever she hated this place or loved it, she wouldnt have Lilly if she had never come hear that day, but she will never have that happy family lifestile because of it.

she decided to take Lilly over to te fountain, Lilly loved the sound of the water and Becky thought it was a very peacefull place to sit, she'd always loved waterfalls and it reminded her of a mini water fall.

Becky was reflecting on her past and decideing what to do next and whether or not this was going to work out could she realy raise a baby on her own but after a while she came to a conclusion. she decided that she had this baby for a reason if she wasnt meant to have this baby then she would never have goten pregment in the first place after all, she loved Lilly, she would die for Lilly.

 Then a stranger aproached her

 She was wary at first, she didnt trust this guy, but it turned out he was a nice guy realy, but well she didnt want to trust him not with her baby about and the sight of them fangs she kept seeing.

after a while of showing Lilly the flowers and buterflys, Becky decided to go to the swiming baths with Lilly

 Lilly enjoyed going to the swiming baths, althoe she prefred the park and beach just a little bit more, then beckt decided to take lilly out for a meal, she didnt have to get changed thoe because it was a swim wear special in stead of fromal wear to celabrate the good weather, but after the meal well she met this guy

Turned out his name was Jock Nickson

Then Becky decided to take Lilly home seing as it was geting late

When Lilly was safeley tucked away in bed, there was a knock on the door

Turned out he knew where Becky lived

he certinaly had her under his spell

He seemed rather pleased of him self

Becky & Lilly wasnt tired yet so she decided Lilly might enjoy a bit of T.V in her future Nursary

When she put lilly back to bed thoe she sudenley felt like she was gona throw up, so she made a brake for the bathroom

she decide maybe that food she ate at the restaraunt must just not have agreed with her

but then she was sick again

Then it hit her like a tone of bricks, maybe she was pregment, but she just tryed to lie to her self that she couldnt be after all, she just had a baby.

so she decided to go and studdy some gardeing

But then her fears where comfirmed, Little Lilly was going to have a little brother or Sister

She was woryed could she cope with another baby? but a cuddle from Lilly calmed her down

She placed another crib in her room for Lillys little brother or sister

She knew she would have to tell Jock but she didnt plan on telling him at this time of night it would have to wait, she couldnt sleap with all the stress so she did some more studying

The next day she went to go and tell him she was pregment, he didnt take it at all well...

It was only then she realized he was a vampire... and a marryed one, he didnt want this baby he loved his wife he just didnt enjoy his woo hoo life with her, he said she had to get an abortion or he would suck her blood dry, after alot of beging he decided to let her have the baby but he would have NOTHING to do with it, he didnt want the baby to even know who he was 

But then...

and he was gone, so even if he dod change his mind and want to see his child there wasnt a chance now.

Becky went home with Lilly, but just wanted to cry, she tryed to take her mind of things thoe by playing with Lilly

But then...

Becky was in labour

 and a baby boy was born

he was names Ben and was born with the Athletic and Brave Traits, but thats not all he had fangs... he was a baby vampire

As soon as he was born his brave trait must have rubbed of on Becky because all her doubts was put into the bin, she could do it, she knew it, she can do this!

with the babys saftley tucked away in bed, she added Bens Photo to the wall

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