Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Stranger

The Stranger

It was about 11am when a stranger aproached Beckys home

 he rand the door bell and it wasnt long till he had her in his arms

 as he stroked Beckys cheak he thought to him self "shes a prety one aint she, she better raise this kid I'm gona give her right"

and of cource he had her hooked

he whispered in her ear that they should go upstairs, it was almost as if he was controling her, she tried to resist his temptations but she couldnt she was weak at the knees for him & his smooth talking ways.

he managed to talk her into a cuddle and then one thing led to another

but not just once either, he was enjoying himself, he wanted to make it last

then he ran of into the darkness

when he reached the fence he just vanished

the next day when becky woke up she couldnt remember anything, evrything she could was just a strange blur

when she got up she found a plasma fruit on the floor, so she picked it up rather confused at what she was seeing, she'd never eaten a plasma fruit in her life

When she went outside for some fresh air to try and clear her head she found another one by the fence

When she went to give Ben a  cuddle his eyes opend wide, almost as if he knew what had hapend

but Lilly didnt seam at all thased

Becky deicded maybe it was just a dream and the plasma fruit mus have been there from Bens dad and she never realized so she went to get some breakfast

But then she felt realy sick all of a sudden

and she was sick (there go's breakfast she thought to herself)

But about right the toilet had to brake and she had to fix it

Becky then realized that what had hapend last night was not a dream and she was scared she didnt know what to do so she curled up on the sette and tryed to think, she realy couldnt have another baby shureley not, not all ready.

but then she was sick again

she then went and put her bowl from breakfast into the dishwasher

she was still rather freaked out so beky decided to get a cup of tea that usualy works

but no not quite so she ran herself a buble bath

after she calmed down, she took lilly and ben into bens future nursary to watch some T.V

and it wasnt long untill her fears were comfirmed she was pregment... Again

but that wasnt the end of her unknown nousea

and she was sick for the 3rd time

Becky then gazed out of the window wondering what lifes going to be like now, would she ever find a husband with 3 kids in toll

then she decided to do some research on what could have happend but she couldnt find anything, what hapend that night would be forever a mystery

then she placed a 3rd crib ready for the newest editon

Her back was realy soar thoe from the pregmancy so becky decided it might be a good idea to take another buble bath

but then it was interupted...

... she was going into labour

then she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but thats not all he was a vampire... so now becky knew something about that night... the person was a vampire

he was born with the Artistic & Diciplined traits

with the new born baby tucked away in bed becky added Jacks photo to the wall

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