About 100 little "Angels"

Rules :)

  • Becky will not have work as she needs to stay at home to look after her kids but if times get tough she may end up have a profession or a self employment
  • the teans will not be able to work as they will need to concentrateon their studys
  • fertility treatment will be given at some point as a reward
  • becky tries to teach the todlers to walk, talk, and have them play on instuments and acasionaly trie and read a book with them if she gets chance
  • Every Father has to be diferent, I will try to use fathers of different genetics, like skin, hair couler, eyes, nose ect.
  • I Play on the Epic life span
  • birthday cakes will only be used when its a child or teans birthday in a few days so they can have a party otherwise they simply age up once they havefinishe their full, todler & baby span without a birthday cake or cheat

The Baby Count so far

Babies - 7
Babies Raised - 0

Curentley in the house hold
Babies - 6
Todlers -1
Kids - 0
Teans - 0

if you want to contact me with any sugestions or question or anything you want to say, you can contact me at,