Thursday, 13 October 2011

New Life In An Ageing World

New Life & In An Ageing World

It is Lillys birthday soon, so Becky decided to make the most of, her only daughters baby hood

she couldnt go down the streat with her, with 5 other babys at home but she could go for a strole in the garden with her

"don't you grow up to fast Lilly, promise me you'll try to stay little" becky wispered to her little baby girl

Lilly was enjoying the fresh air, after all Lilly has a thing for the sound of birds and well nature in genural

becky got a phone call telling her to go to #3 Princes Street, there was an all expensive paid baby sitter encluded so becky took advantage of this oportunity after all she was going crazy not being able to leave to leave the house.

"erm hey?" becky said a bit confused, "you wanted to see me"
"yeh c'mon in, my names Lea by the way" the guy said

so becky went on inside with lilly

Lilly was left on the rug, she didnt mind thoe, she liked the textures of the rug.

it wasnt long till Lea made his move

becky was a little hesitant at first , but can you blame her, every romance so far ended with a baby

but it wasnt long till he talked her round

"that was good" he wispered in beckys ear
becky said nothing, she wasnt pleased at what she just did, she bareley knew this guy, and had a sinking fealing she might be pregment

becky got out of bed
"were are you going?" lea asked
"home," becky said with a fake smile on her face, "I'll phone you"
lea just knoded and went to sleap

she picked lilly up, trying to fight the tears back

then she had her lilly cuddle, but this time it didnt seem to work

her limo arived and she hoped on into it with lilly, trying to fight the tears

"where to?" her shofer asked her
"home please" becky said, trying not to sound upset
"alrighty then" he replied, "home it is"
"thanks" becky said giveing him a fake smile

but then she couldnt hold it anymore, she roled up the window so her shofor couldnt hear her, and she cryed the whole way home

when she got home, she shouted thanks to her driver, trying not to show any sadness in her voice and kept her head down, she didnt want her neibouhs to know something was wrong & the paparatzi could be anywhere, becky had made quite a name for herself haveing 6 babys out of wedlock

she then put lilly in her bed, but the house just made her want to cry her heart out, there was so many memorys hear and bad ones at that

she then went to see lilys future nursary

then the boys, how could she posibley fit another 4 cribs in hear there was little anoth space as it was and what about when they became kids, why should they have to share a room with eachother?

and she made up her mind

she took down the photos

and made a phone call

then she packed away some of the things that she wasnted to keep

and she got in her limo and they drove untill they reached her new home, she didnt know where she was going, all she knew was, her estate agent knew a house perfect for her with room for all her little ones

when she got out of her limo she was amaized at what she saw

her estate agent had found her a country estate with 3 nursarys (1 baby, 1 todler for girls an 1 todler for boys) it had spaciouse 7 spare bedrooms and bathrooms ready for decorating, an old stable block with a pasture, dresage arina and a jumping arina, but she didnt plan on geting a horse well not yet anyway, maybe in the future but she doubted it, there was also a garage, a pool, a studdy, a huge kitchen and dineing room, a gym, a music room and a hobby room, and above the garage was a house in itself with a small kitchen and dineing room with small bedroom and bathroom + a studdy, front room, and a gym

she went to the 3rd floor where the baby nursary was and put her babys in the crib there was also a door so she could walk from her bedroom into it

then she put up the baby photos in the ofice

and took a relaxing bath

but thats not all the house had a hot tub, swiming pool and a water slide

but then her relaxing hot tubing was interupted

she was pregment

but she wasnt as upset as she thought she'd be, with this new mansion, she could rais these kids and hopefully well

it was lillys birthday so she went outside and sat on the bench looking into the dresage arina

and then it was lillys birthday

becky tried to film it with her brand new camra

but just missed it

her little girl was growing up

she then took lilly into her new nursary

lilly was over the moon with all the toys

but then becky recived a phone call

it was lea
*look I'm not shure if you know or not yet but... I think you might be pregment*
"well nooo, I'm just in my martenity uniform for nothing and the big lump under my top is actualy a blanket!"
*seriousley calm down babe*
"I'm not your babe!"
*well be quiet and stop being a lama!*

*look I'm sory alright, I dont want out to do with the baby but just so you know that estate youve moved to, I built it with my bare hands on my own and I told my agent to sell it to you*
"wait... what?.. why?" becky said stunned
*because I like kids, i cant be bothere rasin' them but i do want them to have a good start in life*
"oh ok.."
*well look take care of yourself alright see ya around maybe*
"yeh maybe"

then he hung up and left becky rather confused

becky decided to watch some of the films she'd taken of lilly playing

and put a phot of lilly as a toler on a wall in her ofice

then becky decided to play with lilly

but then

the baby was comeing

and another baby boy was born

he was born with athletic and visterio traits

becky decided to name her little one craig

then she went and put craig in bed

and added his phto to the wall

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