Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Walking Tattoo

The Walking Tattoo

after giveing birth to Mark becky went to check the mail

*sigh, bills again* becky thought to herself as she wrote out a check

after paying the bills, she was aproached by this guy

he didnt like the paparatzi thoe, so he told her to get lost (much nicer than what he actualy said to her)

he then gave becky some flowers

"oh my gosh these are beutifull and there my my favourite couler!" becky explained smileing, "whats your name?"
"Nicko" the man replied, "Nicko Nicky"
"he he cool, sounds like a good name for a contenstant on a game show," becky giggled, "Mr. Nicko Nicky is the anser A, B, C or D?"
"well if B is an invite into your life I chouse B" Nicko replied in a funny acent
"Is that your final?" becky asked stearnley
"yes, that is my final ansew" he replied stearnley
"And your ansew is... Drum role please... CORRECT," becky said playfully, you have just won an all expensive paid trip to my hot tub with me! Congratulations!"
"YAY!!" he Screamed playfully
then they gigled and ran of to the hot tub

"oh wow you've got a lot of tattoos." becky explained a bit stunned
"yeh I get one every other weaken but i have to remove on to get a new one now ahwell might remove this tupid bunny one, stupid person gave me it, my freinds ordered me it for my 18th birthday, I didnt realize what i was geting, all I knew was I was geting a tattoo" he told becky
"oooh, I don't think you should get rid of it, it's kind of cute" becky told him sweetley
"well it does have centimental value" he laughed

and then he slowley leant closer to becky

then he kissed her, but she didnt pull away

it wasnt long till becky was under the water with the walking tattoo

"wow" becky said stunned
"wow" he also said rather stunned
"that was realy good" he said
becky just gigled and said "you wernt to bad yourself, I have to admit"

after some cudeling he left

the next day becky received a phone call

"hello?" becky said ansering her phone
*hey it's Nicko*
"oh Hi!" becky said with a grin on her face
*sory about this but the other night, ya know in the hot tub*
"erm yeh what about it?"
*I may have forgoten to use prection...*
"WHAT, HOW CAN YOU FORGET PROTECTION!!!" becky creamed down the phone, her smile turning into a scowl an geting some funny looks from her neibouhs
*well look I'm shure your not pregment, no one can be that unlucky shureley*
"oh trust me they cant and why the heck are you telling me this over the phone? why couldnt you come and tell me in person?!"
*because... er well you see, I work for the goverment and I have to be relocated*
"where in the world to?"
*I cant say it's highley clasified*
"well you better not be lieing 'cos if you are..."
*dont wory I'm not lieing, and dont wory about being pregment, I'm shure you not*
*look I gota go now the planes boarding now, bye*
"but.." then he hung up
"but... but.. but... but.. GRAUHR" Becky screamed and stormed inside

it wasnt long till she was sick

seeing as she had calmed downa little bit, she decided to improve her hot tub, to try and take her mind of things.

once she finished the upgrade, becky decided to try it out and see if it was worth it... and it was

then after some nice relaxing hot tubing the news she'd been dreading was comfirmed...

she was pregment... 


not like it stoped the nausea thoe

then becky decided to do a work out, gota stay fit after all

she was still prety angry, but she got some medicane (a cuddle from lilly) and she felt a little better

she then spent some time with mark (atleast becky can see him)

she was fealing rather tired so she went to bed

and the next day she went for a swim

but then just when she thought she was ok, she remembered everything that hapend and was angry again

so she took a nice calming buble bath

and got a low fat hot chocolate

then she went outside for some danceing

never know this danceing might make the baby some sort of dance protagee

but then just when night fell...

becky screamed

...she was going into labour

she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and named him Joe

he was born with the hydrophobic trait (becky realy should stop going swiming wilst pregment) & the visterio trait

with joe safely tucked away in bed becky added his photo to the wall


I do apolagize for not being able to get mark to be in invisible but i was able to make him not look like a long skin coulered thing, things are looking like mark will not be seen untill he is a todler sory guys :( but i am still seing if i can figure out away to fix it

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