Tuesday, 11 October 2011

To Good To Be True

To Good To Be True

After Becky got changed back into her ordinary clothes

she deicded to spend some quality time with her little angels

it was rubish day so she took out the rubish ready for the bin wagin to colect

then she checked the newspaper and there of course was her name anounceing the fact that she'd had yet another baby out of wed lock

then the door bell rang

"heya" becky said rather tiredley (the little ones had been giveing her the run aroud"
"hey" the stranger said in a deap toned voice giveing becky chills
"what brings you round?" becky asked
"I came to see you" he replyed
"oh realy?.. why?"

"no peticula reason realy, just to chat and see how your doin' can't be easy, you know looking after all then kids" he said bashfuley
"oh ok," becky smiled, "C'mon inside"

It wasnt long till he made a move on Becky

but did she resist his charm?..


and it wasnt long till they were kissing...

alot of kissing

"gosh,.." becky gasped "your a good kisser"

"thanks babe I could say the same thing about you" he flirted

"I'm just gona go grab a shower be down in 10 mins" becky said quickley

"room for 1 more in that shower?" he asked, his deap voice ringing in beckys ears

"well I don't see why not, just dont make me drop my soap" becky gigled flirting back at him

after their woo hoo, becky told him about the broken T.V that the Electrision never came to fix.

he was more than happy to fix it and becky made drinks for when he did

"well hears the problem" he said rather proudley

"erm I don't realy understand" becky laughed, she could fix pluming, but electical items, well they were just alien to her.

"well you'r T.V's fixed now, so wheres my reward?" he said cheakely

"over there, you can get it yourself shureley" becky gigled

"my names Boby by the way," he told becky, "Boby Mclean" 

"oh cool you scotish?" becky asked
"yeh" he replyied
"OMG ME TO," Becky almost shouted, "but I'm only quarter scotish, I get it from my Grandad"
"oh wow, thats cool," he said "wana go watch the T.V I just fixed?"
"hmmmm,"becky said with a grin on her face, " I dont see why not"

after some cudeling and kissing, Boby realized what the time was, he had to go, he was late for work, so he kissed becky good bye

and left

the next day, becky decided to use her treamill, she had'nt been on it for a while, with haveing the babies to look after and what not

clearley she's not as good as she used to be

after a while she gave up and decided to go swimming instead

then she went sunbatheing

and read a book

then of course she went danceing

supid paparatzi

in the morning becky paid the bills
"better to get them done and dusted, than wory about finding the time" becky told herself

that evening she started to feal rather nauseouse

*Oh no, not again I can't be... this is going to ruin my chances with boby it always does.* becky thought as she ran to the bathroom

then her fears were comfirmed, time to phone boby and tell his to get round hear ASAP

when she told him the news, he was not very pleased

"I dont think thats my baby, you must have cheated on me! I refuse to think thats my baby!" Boby yelled

"But it is your baby you've gota beleive me," becky cryed, "and even if it wasnt yours, I wouldnt have cheated on you because we wernt even going out! but i swear its your baby, I swear it!"

then Boby stormed

and becky was left with yet another broken heart, but lilly helped her feel a little better

then she went to bed

but then her sleap was interupted...

she was going into labour...


then a erm.. healthy (I think) baby boy was born

and he was named Mark he was born with Evil & Athletic traits

and his (invsible in picture) picture was aded to the wall


I apolagize for this glitch in the game I am working on geting it fixed, I have had it before but we may not be able to see Mark as a baby :(

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