Friday, 7 October 2011

Sparksfly the first baby is born

Its her first night in her home, theres not much she can do at this time of night so she decided to get her head down and start studying her cooking skills.

In the mornig about 9am she decided to head of to the park for a walk and me a guy called Thomas Jocson, soon anoth sparks were flying evry where good job they didnt start a fire

soon anoth she was in his arms

Just ashame the landing wasnt so good...

But didnt stop the sparks

And when they went home...

and the cycle continued

later they went to the most elegant restraunt in town for a meal

But then he told her something, something she realy didnt want to hear

when she heard he forgot his protection she nearly choked to death on her hot dog, and she just had to hope that she wasnt pregment, she wasnt ready just not ready.

She couldnt sleap with all that worying about the posibility of being pregment, so she decided to try and take her mind of it by studing some logic

But then she started to feel rather nauseous

She made a brake for the bathroom

and well she was sick

and if that wasnt bad anoth she broke the toilet

and it wasnt long till her fears had been comfirmed

the next day she decided she had to brake the news to Thomas

he didnt take it to well and wanted her to get an abortion and well she wasnt going to have that

But eventualy after a bit of talking to they came to an agreement

 No abortion but she would have to do all the work and he would come and see his child when and if he wanted to

It wasnt long till she went into labough

and a baby girl was born with the artistic & loves the out doors traits and she was named Lilly

the moment she held Lilly in her arms was the moment she realized it was all worth while and all worys and regrets just vanished into fin air

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