Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Secret Admirer

After repairing the bath

Becky cleaned up the mess and thought to her self *sigh if only my bath hadnt been inturupted this might not have happend, ahwell it was worth it*

then she got changed into her normal clothes

when she went outside she found some roses

wow there beutifull I wonder who left them hear? becky thought to herself, not realizeing she was being watched

when becky went inside she decided to spend some quality time with her little"Angels"

"Lilly don't you grow up to fast, you hear me" becky told lilly playfully

"That aplys to you two Ben"

"you better be carefull you" she told jack remembering what had hapend to bens dad

Becky then thought it was high time she did some studdying, so got her head stuck into a book

then there was a knock at the door

"heya" becky said cheerfully
"er... hi" the stranger said rather shyley
"whats your name?" beacky asked
"Warren Surpentis" he replyed
"oh cool thats a cool name" becky said smileing

"oh yeh I came round to give you these" Warren said proudley

"oh my gosh these are realy beutifull I love the couler pink" becky said with a smile on her face

"you know your realy prety becky" Warren told her bravely
"oooh thanks Warren" becky replied, "wait... how do you know my name?"
"er... I read it in the news paper I heard you just had another baby boy."
"yeh he's called Jack... duno what happend that night thoe"
"oh... well you know, as I just said your realy prety," Waren says as he edges closer to Becky "and I've wanted to do this for a while now..."

Waren kisses Becky with passion

"wow" becky says rather stunned
warren says nothing just smiles
"I'm just gona go for a quick shower feel free to make yourself at home"

"heya gourgeous, room for one more" warren says cheakely with a bit grin on his face with his eye brow cocked up
Becky didnt know what to say, he was so smooth and iresitable but did she realy wana risk another baby I meen realy she's had 3 acidentaly already, but she couldnt help it she wanted to let him in, hey you never know he might be willing to acept the other 3 kids and they could be a happy couple one day
"well I did say make yourself at home" becky said nervousley

"I'm comeing in to see you gourgeous" he said as he hoped in the shower

then there was alot of gigling in the shower and well some hearts falling from the sky

after the whoo hoo in the shower he went home with a huge grin on his face

becky was fealing a little bit chilly so she lit the fire in her bed room

...Big mistake

Becky was horified, what if the flames got to close to Ben, Lilly and Jack???
there wasnt time to carry each and every one of them to safety and the fire engine was going to be a while yet. so she would have to hold back the flames and hope for the best

*where the heck is that fire engine this is an emergancy there are lives at risk!* becky screamed inside her head with still no fire engine and strugling to keep back the flames

eventualy she managed to get rid of the flames *no thanks to the fire men* and put out the fire that caused it all

then the fire man arived

Becky explained to him what had just happend, and he told her to be more carefull in future, *more carefull be more carefull! how was I suposed to know what was gona happen and whre were you when I needed you* Becky screamed in her head but have to nice a soal to tell him that

she gave Ben a huge cuddle, she thought she was gona loose him, thoes flame got way to close to him for comfort

Then becky replaced the burnt furnicher

and then she felt realy sick all of a sudden

*oh no...* becky thought to herself *not again... shureley not again*

after being sick she moved the book shelf so she could clean up the mess from the fire

then she took out a book to read

it wasnt long till she found out she was pregment again and right before her morning dip, didnt stop her from her swim thoe

The next day she invited warren over to tell him the news

he seemed realy happy, but when Becy asked if he would stay to help look after the baby, he took a hissy fit and stormed out saying "I may want you to have my baby, but that doesnt meen I want the hassel of raising one"

then he was gone

Becky decide to spend some time with Lilly, lillys beutifull little cheary face always cheers her up

then becky decided to have a read to pass the time, seeing as she couldnt leave the house, seriousley how could she, she cant hold 3 babys at once

then becky set up another crib in her room ready for the new arival... despite her backache

Becky decided to watch some T.V but then the T.V broke *just about right* becky thought as she sighed

well I aint fixing this obect, I'll get a technision in

then becky got a drink from her mini bar as she waited

but then...

...the baby was comeing

Becky couldnt help thinking *where the heck the technision was he said he'd be about an hour it' been over an hour now.*

and then...

she gave birth to a healthy baby boy

he was born with the geniouse and hydrophobic traits (maybe becky shouldnt have gone swiming when she found out she was pregment) oh and she named him Max

then she took little max down stairs and paced him in his crib

then added his photo to the wall


thankyou sshaw1 who contribuated Warren to the 100 baby challange, you can download him hear :)

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